Fast, effective and fun - the 45 minute class provides a low impact and high intensity workout that is suitable for all fitness levels.



The bodycycle workout is high intensity, low impact and is led by passionate and charismatic instructors to a soundtrack of original music. Our classes are suitable for all ability levels and are time efficient, effective and most of all, FUN.


Our high energy classes are set to playlists that will motivate you and help to push your body out of its comfort zone in short, sharp sessions. We choose tracks for their strong lyrical content and energy level, not just for the beats per minute. The aim is to help forget about how hard you are working, allowing you to lose yourself and enjoy the session.


Performance IQ displays your performance in class, and lets you race your mates or even the stranger next to you. It will push you to work harder. Your performance is emailed to you after every class and saved to your account, so you can track your improvements over time.


If you are new to bodycycle feel free to email us and book an introductory appointment. Alternatively, just turn up 15 minutes early to any class and our friendly instructors will get you set up, feeling comfortable and ready to ride. It really is the workout for everyone. Visit Getting Started for further information.


Classes are at times to suit you, every day. There are no joining fees, no long term contracts, just choose the class pass that suits you - unlimited or pay per class.


Most of all, though, your workout should be FUN. And that’s why bodycycle will be the favourite part of your exercise regime.




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