Reach your goals faster with Performance IQ. Know exactly how hard, how fast and how many calories you have burned.



We are Australia’s only indoor cycling studio with the innovative Performance IQ that displays and measures every performance during every class so you know exactly how you are progressing.


We won’t bombard you with overly complex data and information, just the key metrics that will motivate you to reach your fitness goals faster. As well as receiving feedback during class you will receive an email after every class that tracks your progress and you can log into your account at any time to see all your stats.


Every bike at bodycycle has a computer that lets you know your power (how hard you are working), cadence/RPM (how fast you are pedaling), speed, distance and the all-important calories that you are burning. If you opt in, some of this data will be displayed on the screen at the front of the class and you can compete against your friends or even the stranger on the next bike.


You are only identified by bike number and don’t worry, its strictly optional, so you choose to keep your results to yourself! You can opt in or out at any time through your settings in your account. We recommend you give it a go. Even those who have initially chosen to keep their results private have chosen to opt in and have found the Performance IQ incredibly motivating.


You will be amazed at the results. Watch yourself get fitter, faster, stronger.




Performance IQ